KIMS Marks White Coat Ceremony With Pledge To Serve Society With Compassion


The White Coat Ceremony of Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) was organised on Friday, marking the transition of the first-year MBBS students from pre-clinical to clinical health sciences. Students adorned white coats and recited the Hippocratic oath during the event.

KIMS Principal Prof. (Brig) AP Mohanty, welcomed the incoming students to what he proudly declared as “one of the best medical schools in the country, ranked 26.” He emphasized the wealth of resources available at KIMS, including state-of-the-art facilities and a highly esteemed faculty drawn from prestigious institutions such as AIIMS. The Principal also urged the students to take full advantage of these resources and strive to fulfill not only their dreams but also their parents’ aspirations. “Your education and degree will be applicable throughout the world,” he noted, highlighting the recent  World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) Recognition to the National Medical Commission.

KIMS Pro VC Prof (Dr) CBK Mohanty added a touch of tradition to the ceremony as he recounted his days as a medical student in 1973 when there was no concept of a White Coat Ceremony. He emphasized the significance of the white coat, symbolizing purity, love, innocence, and simplicity. “This ceremony is linked to compassion,” he remarked, stressing the responsibility that comes with becoming a custodian of society’s health and the future. As a teacher, he expressed high expectations for all students to excel and become outstanding doctors. “Today, you start your journey to become a doctor. You will remain lifelong learners,” he emphasized, highlighting the continuous pursuit of knowledge that defines the medical profession.

KIMS Medical Superintendent RC Das reminded the students that they were on par with their peers at prestigious institutions like AIIMS. He emphasized the importance of the white coat as a symbol of identity and an opportunity to serve society with responsibility and compassion. “You become a responsible person in the society befitting a doctor,” he stated, underlining the transformative role that this ceremony plays in their lives.

Vice Principal Prof (Dr) Shubhransu Patro attended the event along with other doctors and senior faculties.

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