KIMS Doctor Urges Caution Against Self-Medication for Fever, Highlights Dangers of Antibiotic Resistance


In the wake of a surge in fever-related cases in the city, KIMS Vice Principal and Medicine specialist Prof. Dr. Shubhransu Patro has cautioned against self-medication for fever, emphasising the need to consult a doctor before resorting to any form of treatment. Dr. Patro highlights that fever can be a symptom of various underlying diseases, and taking medication without a proper diagnosis can have consequences.

“Fever can be a symptom of several diseases, be it due to infection or other underlying health conditions. It is crucial to understand that not all fevers are because of infection only. As there are many types of infections, so all infections will not respond to antibiotics also,” he explained.

Dr. Patro stressed the importance of seeking medical advice when experiencing a fever, as the appropriate treatment varies depending on the underlying cause.

He also cautioned against using over-the-counter medications and self-prescribing antibiotics. “Taking antibiotics without a proper diagnosis can contribute to antibiotic resistance, which is a significant concern for the future of healthcare,” Dr Patro warned.

To avoid the perils of antibiotic resistance and the risk of side effects from inappropriate medication, Dr. Patro advised individuals to consult a doctor when experiencing a fever. “By visiting a healthcare professional, you can undergo necessary tests to determine the root cause of the fever and receive tailored treatment,” he stated. “This not only ensures effective treatment but also reduces the risk of unnecessary antibiotic use.”

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