Kalinga Institute of Dental Sciences (KIDS) Department of Orthodontics: A Profile


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that corrects teeth position and growth of jaws. Crooked teeth are difficult to keep clean, are at risk of being lost early due to tooth decay and periodontal diseases and can cause extra stress on the chewing muscles that can lead to headaches, TMJ syndrome and neck, shoulder and back pain. They can also detract one’s appearance and can highly affect the quality of life.

Orthodontic treatment aims to improve appearances and the way the teeth bite together, while also making them easier to clean and keeping them healthy in the long run.

FACILITIES – The motto of the Department of Orthodontics at Kalinga Institute of Dental Sciences (KIDS) is to provide treatment and improve the patient’s appearance as well as to achieve excellence in clinical care and patient satisfaction. Faculties and post graduate trainees of the Department treat a wide variety of cases ranging from simple malocclusions to the most complex orthognathic surgeries and cleft lip and palate repair.


ADVANCED TREATMENT–The Department employs the latest techniques and advancements in orthodontic therapy such as:

(A)Orthognathic surgeries– They include standard orthognathic procedures performed to correct jaw deformities, as well as adjunctive procedures to improve hard and soft tissue contours. They are the mainstay treatment for patients who are too old for growth modification and for dental conditions which are too severe to be corrected with braces.


(B)Lingual orthodontics-They involve attaching the orthodontic brackets on the inner sides of the teeth proving to be a more esthetic approach.


Cleft clinic– We are committed to providing excellent comprehensive cleft care to our patients. The various treatments involved are-

(a)Presurgical naso-alveolar molding– It is a new approach to presurgical infant orthopedics which reduces the severity of the initial cleft and nasal deformity.


(b)Speech therapy-After the structural problems are fixed with surgery; speech therapy is given to help the child produce speech sounds clearly.

Clear Aligner Treatment– Transparent trays made up of special material are used to straighten teeth just like braces. They are custom made for each patient through a digital scan.

GROWTH MODIFICATIONS FOR YOUNG PATIENTS– One of the most important benefits of orthodontic treatment in children and adolescents is the ability to harness growth to correct problems with the fit of the jaws/teeth. Various treatment modalities are available in the department, such as:

(i)Functional appliances– They modify the growth pattern of jaws in young individuals to improve their overall physical and psychosocial development.


(ii)Orthopedic appliances– Treatment options such as head gears, face masks and chin cups are also advised and given to patients requiring corrections in their bone growth patterns. 

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