Joy of Parenthood – Centre for Reproductive Medicine (KIMS IVF Centre) Celebrates its Century of Live Births


By Dr Mousumi Acharya, Chief Consultant, Dept of CRM, KIMS

Infertility never happened by choice. The psychological trauma of childlessness is not less than any disease. Couples trying and failing to conceive naturally and repeated visits to infertility clinics is itself a roller coaster ride.  KIMS IVF Centre started with an aim to provide infertility service to childless couples in Eastern India at an affordable cost. The Centre has all the facilities starting from couple evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. The advanced equipment and trained manpower has recorded a cumulative pregnancy rate of 75%. Couples from near urban areas and distant places even like Koraput, Phulbani and various interior places of Odisha, West Bengal, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi have been treated with successful outcome. Many couples with repeated IVF failure have successfully been treated and blessed with healthy newborns. The word of mouth advertisement has made KIMS IVF center a place of referral for recurrent failure cases and difficult cases of infertility. Couples facing five failed attempts of ART/ICSI have been treated and blessed with their bundles of joy. Many couples treated with ovulation induction, IUI, have conceived and delivered.

Centre for Reproductive Medicine has achieved its first milestone of 100 ART/ICSI Babies in early 2020. The first IVF baby of CRM was born in May 2018 named ‘Prayas’. CRM completed its 450 embryo transfers and 1000 intrauterine transfers. It was indeed a joyous time to see many happy couples embarking on their journey of parenthood after struggling with infertility. Few cases like a 40-year old female with a history of infertility after her only son’s death in drowning conceiving with ART/ICSI delivering a male child gives a reason for the woman to face the world with a smile again. This milestone has been possible due to the expertise of clinician, dedicated staff of the CRM Department, embryologist, obstetrician, neonatologist and every person who supported the department to flourish.

The advanced procedures like Blastocyst Culture, TESA/ICSI, Micro TESA, PRP for thin endometrium, PICSI (Physiological ICSI) and sperm selection procedures have given the best results in terms of higher pregnancy rates. Couples suffering from severe male infertility have been benefited with such procedures.

KIMS Centre for Reproductive Medicine