Inauguration of Trimaccell Apheresis Machine in KIMS Blood Bank


KIMS Blood Bank achieved yet another milestone when the first Single Donor Platelet (SDP) procedure was carried out on a Trimaccell Apheresis machine which was inaugurated in the KIMS Blood Bank by Director General, Maj Gen (Dr) P K Patnaik and on 10th July 2021. An Apheresis Machine is a specialized device which receives blood removed from a patient or donor’s body and separates it into its various components: plasma, platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells. Depending on the reason for Apheresis, one of these components is isolated and collected by the instrument, while the others are returned to the body. The process of Apheresis has become essential in transfusion of medicine. Acquisition of this new facility will go a long way in fulfilling the blood bank’s continuing commitment to provide the right blood component to the right patient in the time of need.

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