Hemi-Nephrectomy for Non-Functioning Upper Pole Moiety of Duplex Kidney done successfully in KIMS


 A 21-year old lady was presented with left sided flank pain, and on evaluation diagnosed with left sided “duplex kidney”; i.e. duplication of left kidney with two ureters draining into urinary bladder. The upper moiety of the duplex kidney was grossly hydronephrotic and non-functioning on evaluation.

Usually in a duplex kidney the lower pole is poorly functioning but in our patient it was the upper moiety which was non-functioning. She underwent open hemi-nephrectomy with ureterectomy after proper consent. The surgery was successfully done by Dr. Sumanta Kumar Mishra, Assistant Professor of Urology, KIMS with assistance from Dr. Sumit Kumar Panda and Dr. J. B. Jagdeb. The patient was stable post operatively.

Heminephrectomy is a surgically complex procedure requiring expertise and experience. This procedure is another benchmark in the Department of Urology in KIMS Hospital, which conveyed thankfulness to Founder Dr. Achyuta Samanta and Principal Dr. P. K. Pattnaik for their constant support and guidance.