Biplanar Cathlab at KIMS Helps Perform Advanced Procedure in Pain Management


Dr. Rajendra Sahoo of Department of Pain Medicine, Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar, has performed an advanced procedure successfully on a patient suffering from acute facial pain with the help of the Biplanar Cathlab.

Dr. Sahoo has treated a condition, known as Trigeminal Neuragia and it comes with electric shock-type, stabbing, tingling sensation and multiple attacks, each lasting a few seconds to a couple of minutes. The crystal clear fluoroscopic images and Biplanar technology has helped in identifying the target quickly and in performing the advanced interventional pain management procedures smoothly.

The team under the leadership of Dr. Sahoo treated the patient with “medical and surgical refractory right side V2 & V3 division Trigeminal Neuragia pain’’ affecting him terribly causing sleep disturbance, and adversely affecting his day-to-day life.

Earlier, this particular patient had a procedure called as “Microvascular decompression” two years ago which provided him a partial relief of six months only and since then he has been suffering from right side facial pain and none of the medicines were helping him. During the last few months, he was experiencing around 300-400 paroxysmal attacks of neuralgic pain making his life miserable.

At the Department of Pain Medicine under Dr. Sahoo performed selective right sided V2 and V3 division Thermal Radio-frequency Ablation of Gasserian Ganglion with the new “Biplanar Cathlab’’ which is one of its kind in the entire Eastern India. The fluoroscopic images and Biplanar technology helped the treating physicians to identify the target “Foramen Ovale” quickly and perform the advanced interventional pain management procedure for Refractory Trigeminal Neuragia, smoothly.

Following the procedure and now after four weeks, the patient is completely pain-free without a single attack and most of his neuralgic medications have been stopped. The patient and his family members are extremely happy for the advanced life-changing treatment they have received at KIMS.

Dr. Rajendra Sahoo, Pain Specialist who performed the procedure has expressed his gratitude to the KIMS management for all the facilities and Cathlab staff, who helped during the procedure.  

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