Advanced Machine Installed in Department of Ophthalmology, KIMS


On the auspicious occasion of Rath Yatra, inauguration ceremony of Spectral is HRA+OCT (with ultra wide field angiography + OCT angiography + Glaucoma Premium) was held at the Department of Ophthalmology, KIMS in the presence of DG-KIMS, Dr. P. K. Pattnaik; HOD Ophthalmology, Dr. D. N. Bhuyan; Prof. H. K. Rajguru, Prof. Indrani  Rath and all staff and faculty.

KIMS has become the first institution in the entire Eastern India to install this advanced machine, which is capable of performing a number of tasks in a single imaging platform like – Ultra-wide field fundus imaging (UWF), Fundus fluoresce in angiography (FFA), Indo-cyanine angiography (ICGA), Optical coherence tomography (OCT), Optical coherence angiography (OCT-A) along-with multicolor imaging and Glaucoma premium features.

Multicolour imaging of retina is a relatively newer technology where three different lasers are used to image the retina, in contrast to traditional flash light based fundus photography system, capable of identifying subtlest pathology in the eyes. With its APS system, it automatically redirects the scan to the desired area, should the patient move the eyes during examination.

This machine can also be utilized in the diagnosis and management of Glaucoma patients as it incorporates posterior pole asymmetry analysis as well as thickness of each individual layer of retina. It also detects true anatomical optic disc and macula in contrast to others where the human error is absolutely removed in mapping out the Optic disc margin and cup.

Dr. Pattnaik, in his address to the faculty and staff, emphasized the need to create awareness about the availability of such service in KIMS so that more and more patients could get benefit out of it in addition to  utilizing it in the research topics assigned  to post graduate students and faculty.

Department of Ophthalmology
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