Ven Shim San Donates 20,000 KF 94 Face Masks to Art of Giving


Some ties are traditional, often emotional, and grow to be eternal. Connect between KIIT & KISS and Hongbeopsa Monastery, South Korea falls in a similar paradigm. Facilitated by the personal equation between leaders of the two institutions, based on mutual respect and admiration, the collaborative process has been made more natural. Visits of Dr. A. Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS to Hongbeopsa and Head Monk, Ven Shim San to KIIT & KISS have helped renew and reinforce this relationship. This is followed by regular visits of KIIT & KISS students to Hongbeopsa, representing academic and cultural events, including adding glamour to Lord Buddha’s Day Celebration at Hongbeopsa.

The pursuit of humanitarian causes and the drive for serving the underprivileged sections of society have been a matter of common interest shared between the leaders of both institutions. As a result, there has always been support for such philanthropic causes from Ven Shim San assisting the humanitarian vision of Dr. Achyuta Samanta, exemplified in his “Art of Giving” initiative. Hongbeopsa has been sponsoring the winner of KIIT Nanhipari along with their parents to South Korea every year. In view of the ongoing pandemic, they had donated USD 10,000 to KIIT and KISS in 2020-21 and more recently, Ven Shim San has been gracious enough to send 20,000 KF 94 face masks to KISS for use of the underprivileged children who endear him so much. For their part, KIIT Group of Institutions & KISS have always appreciated the kind gesture of their eternal well-wisher, Ven Shim San, and wish him good health, peace, and prosperity.

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