TUTOR-MENTOR DAY was packed with day long value addition

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The School of Civil Engineering under the assistance and guidance of its international specialist advisor for excellence Mr. Satheesh Jacob, Founding Director of Excel Gateway Ltd (UK) and the support from Prof. Saranjit Singh, Director IEC, chalked out the need for a day-long activity plan for the Tutor-Mentor Day in order to give the student the full benefit of this forum, as conceived by the Founder.

Morning Session

Workshop on Career Counselling

With the full support from the Training and Placement cell and the CAAS, the TUTOR-MENTOR day on the 9th March, 2019 commenced with a series of bespoke workshops on CAREER COUNSELLING for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years.

The fully packed workshops were kick-started by the specialist advisor Mr. Satheesh Jacob Founding Director of EXCEL Gateway Ltd (UK). In his compelling address, he highlighted the coherence of the global industry standard of core competencies with the KIIT mission statement. And he also emphasized the importance of innovation and research for bringing about excellence.

Prof. Saranjit Singh, Director IEC drove home the urgent need for the student to prioritize their career plan by continuing higher studies and looking for sustainable careers in the government sector for long term stability. He took the opportunity to connect with each student and understand their concerns and aspirations, while delivering immediate practical recommendations especially with regards to e-learning.

Prof. Priyadarshi Biswal, Associate Dean of CAAS, was quick to boost the confidence of the students in breaking down the myth of communication skills to the four Cs from core domain to coding. He inspired the Civil Engineering students to aspire for being a ‘smart engineer’.

Prof. Benu Mohapatra, Dean SCE thanked the advisory speakers, the faculty and the students. He overwhelmingly offered the school’s support in areas of research, learning and innovation.

The  Innovation Challenge was officially announced and the students were directed to register directly on the website.

Specialist Advisory Booths

Soon after attending the wisdom-loaded workshops, the students were directed to six specialist advisory booths those were specially prepared for them by experts in the industry, T&P, CAAS, Entrepreneurship by KIIT TBI and the senior faculty of the school.

The topics of those booths came out of the extensive student survey that was conducted earlier in the month of February, 2019.

Afternoon Session

Workshop on Mission Accomplishment

The students arrived back to attend the workshop that was being conducted by their own tutor-mentors on Mission Accomplishment Target (MAT)later in the afternoon.

One-to-One counselling with Tutor-Mentor

And the day concluded with an opportunity for each student to seek a short one-to-one counselling session with their mentors. During this session the tutor-mentors’ validated the student data and sought feedback from the students on the day’s program.

The success of the day goes out to the inter-departmental team work of KIIT, the efforts of the faculty, the huge support by the technical supporting staff and of course, the overwhelming participation of the students.