Training Program on Basic Life Support conducted at KIIT

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A   Training  Program  on  Basic  life  Support comprising  of  Cardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation &  First  Aid  was conducted at  KIIT Campus-3 for  26 Junior Executive Staff members by Dr.  Ashok Kumar  Badamali, Assistant Professor of Cardiac  Anaesthesia, KIMS on 6th January, 2020

Dr.  Badamali , discussed the steps of Basic  Life Support (BLS), which comprises of the steps like (i)  Scene Safety  ii) Check Response iii) Activate EMS (Emergency Medical  Service) and (iv) Get  an AED ( Automated External Defibrillator ). He informed that due to  stopping of the beating of the heart, blood supply ceases to all the organs of the body. If blood is not supplied to the brain for six minutes, the damage caused to the brain cells is irreversible, since the brain is the most important part of the human body.  The heart  can stop beating for various reasons.

In case of  emergency, we shall have to check the pulse in the neck with the carotid Artery and if there is no response, we can try to revive  the person by beginning cycles to give chest compressions and mouth to mouth respiration in  30:2 ratio. Infants  can be given Resuscitation in the ratio of  15: 2. The  chest should be compressed by  two inches with a frequency of 120 compressions per minute. Dr  Badamali supplemented his training, with practical demo session &  made the trainees practice the same through demo.

Apart from CPR, Dr.  Badamali also discussed various procedures of providing First Aid to patients. He discussed about the methods of First  Aid in case of  choking, snake bite, insect bite, spinal injury, road accidents, fever etc. Dr. Banamali emphasized that emergency aid  should be made available to the patients in a time bound manner to save lives.  He was assisted by his team comprising of clinical Instructors from  KIMS.  Overall,  the training program was very  insightful, useful & informative.

The  training program  was inaugurated  by   Dr.   Narayan  Tripathy,  Director General( Administration) who advised the participants to involve themselves fully in the program  and implement the takeaways in their personal & professional life. The Training program was held under the guidance of   Sri Sibananda  Mishra,   Director, HR. The concluding remarks were given by  Dr.  Chinmaya Kumar Das, Director, Administration, Founder’s Office. The Program was coordinated by  Ms. Jhimli Lodh, an officer from  HR Department, KIIT DU.