South Asia Communication Conference on Media and the Marginalized Communities


KIIT School of Mass Communication organizes South Asia Communication Conference on Media and the Marginalized Communities at KIIT Campus-6 on 21st and 22nd December, 2018.

At the outset of the Inaugural Session, Dr. Bidu Bhusan Dash, Course Coordinator, KIIT School of Mass Communication placed the introductory speech and welcomed the guests. He said that the South Asia Communication Conference  is the annual event of the School of Mass Communication, KIIT DU. The focus of the conference is confined to Communication Studies, Media Studies And Journalism. Though the conference is limited to South Asia  region, but its level is international. The theme of the conference has been preset as South Asia is the abode of marginalized communities.

Emphasizing on Indigenous Communication, Registrar of KIIT DU, Prof. Sasmita Samanta said that we feel that for communication, often words are not required. Moreover, communication is being transferred from generation to generation and basic core of the society is the base of communication.

Prof. Biswajit Das, President of All India Communion and Media Association said that KIIT has become a gateway to understand South Asia. We to have empowered by communication to get connected with the nation. I know the struggle and what passion and commitment each one of us should have to build an institution like this. What Dr. Achyuta Samanta has done during this short span of time, is truly remarkable.

The In-Charge of Centre for Culture, Media & Governance, Jamia Millia Islamia, Prof. Vibodh Parthasarathi  said Mass Communication is a developing field across existing Institutions.

Placing his presidential address Prof. Hrushikesha Mohanty, VC, KIIT DU said that communication could be a way of trust building that result an institution like KIIT and KISS.  As far as  Media is concerned, we know that how relevant and important it is. Communication is the fundamental mode of transfer of knowledge. Communication and communicator are wave length to accept each other. In the context of technology, it is providing people to communicate through the pangs of nostalgia of yesteryears.

Eventually, Ms. Ruby Nanda, Faculty Associate, KIIT School of Mass Communication proposed vote of thanks.

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