Rare Surgery done at KIMS

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KIMS has once again achieved excellence in Odisha in the field of Cardiology. A 34 years old male patient underwent a very high risk and rare surgery at KIMS. The surgery was done by internationally trained cardiologist Dr. Anupam Jena and his team. The patient came with complaints regarding pain in the abdomen and back. He was diagnosed as a case of extensive aneurysm of aorta involving thoracic and abdominal aorta. Aortic aneurysm is a disease where the central blood vessel of the body i.e. the Aorta gets dilated and enlarged. If left untreated, aortic aneurysm can cause sudden death due rupture of aorta.

The patient had extensive aneurysm of aorta. On evaluation at KIMS, his diagnosis of thoracoabdominal aneurysm was confirmed. But, in addition to the fusiform aneurysm there were saccular aneurysms also. Saccular aneurysms of aorta have a high risk of rupture. After thorough evaluation, the patient was taken up for stenting of the aneurysm. The procedure was difficult and the patient needed multiple stent grafts, chimney grafts for complete repair. The procedure was done successfully and without any complications.

It is a matter of great achievement that now very complicated procedures and surgeries are being done in Odisha. KIMS has pioneered in many fields in the treatment of heart disease. Now KIMS is the only centre offering complete treatment of disorders of heart rhythm. Complicated procedures such as heart valve replacement without surgery are currently done only in KIMS in entire Odisha.