Online Seminar Program held at KIIT School of Fashion Technology


KIIT School of Fashion Technology  organized  Webinar Online  Seminar on “Experts  Talks  on  Opportunity  in Fashion” and  “Explore  Creativity  Through   Creative   Tool Box”  on 23rd May, 2020 in collaboration with  Pearl Academy of Fashion,  New Delhi.

Experts  from Industry Mr. Nihal  Ranjan  Vice President(Design), Myntra  Fashion Brands   and Dr. Sanjogita  Chadha,   Director  of Pearl Academy  Bangalore  delivered   lectures  in various key  aspects  to  do excellence  in Design as a career   in multidimensional    aspects of Fashion /Textile  Design  vide: Lifestyle Accessories,  Fashion Communication, Fashion Styling, Fashion Trend Forecasting, Visual Merchandising, Product  Merchandiser, Buyer   etc. in the area of Fashion and Textile Designing as a Profession. 

Mr. Nihal Ranjan, Vice President of  Myntra  Fashion Brands also  gave  insights  to students  on how to excel in  the  Design  as  a career  with   some  key elements   vide : Passion for  Ideation, Creativity, Innovation, Interdisciplinary/integrated  knowledge  orientation  and  commitment  for  continuous   learning  every day  from relevant  events, research & publication, National  & International  fashion promotional  events  and    from the  changing  lifestyles  according   to  Environmental   issues. He also   emphasized in Innovation & Creativity for Sustainable & Eco friendly Design for future.   Fashion is the Buzzword throughout the Globe at present scenario in every field, he said.    

Dr. Sanjogita  Chadha,  stated that  Students  Fashion Designer   has  a lot of  opportunity     as   a  Image  Consulting  & Styling    which  is growing  in demand  in  Corporate  world   and  above Middle class  level Professionals as  individuals. Lastly,  Dr. Sanjogita  Chadha,   Director  from PAF   answered   all queries  of students of  B. Design  Sem -8  & 2019 B. Design  Pass out students who  had participated  in  Online  Webinar  Seminar  Program. Prof. Bauri  Raula,   Course  Coordinator,  School of  Fashion Technology   organized   the  Online Seminar  in collaboration  with  Pearl Academy  of Fashion and  coordinated  the  Program  with  the  help of  all faculties  from the  School.

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