Mega ‘HR Konclave’ Day 2: Virtual Workshops by KIIT SoEE


KIIT School of Electrical Engineering (SoEE) organized a number of virtual workshops on the second day of the Mega ‘HR Konclave’.

In the 1st session, Resource persons, Ms. Shivani Talesara, International Speaker and Thought Leader, Singapore, Ms. Nisha Tiwari, HR & Operations (Manager) India, and Mr. Swetaketu Baidya, Director (Technology & Operations) Singapore talked on the topic titled “Inovaantage Career & Personal Branding”. They demonstrated how students can customize the resume for specific job profiles. They laid focus on three pillars for creating a social media professional brand like ‘Image’ or the first impression, ‘Story’ or the experience of the job seeker; the ‘Statement’ or what the person is passionate about. The session was hosted jointly by Dr. Arjyadhara Pradhan and Prof Subhendu Mishra, Faculty, SoEE.

In the 2nd session, Mr. Debajyoti Mohanty, General Manager, Global HRBP, AP Moller Maersk Technology, delivered his talk on “Global HR Strategies for Gen Z”. He introduced his website with the code 8241279 by choosing any word for discussion by Gen-Z. The session was hosted jointly by Chitralekha Jena and Subodh Mohanty, Faculty, SoEE.

During the 3rd session, Mr. Asutosh Rath, Deputy General Manager (Corporate Communication), Nalco focused on “Role of Technocrats in Building Organizational Culture”. The key aspects like, importance of human resources in an industry, role of a HR manager, role of technocrats as a motivator for their co-workers, understanding the concept of a good organization and the factors controlling it, the ethics of a technical executive to fit into an organization’s culture, building trust among the co-workers were demonstrated very well. The session was hosted jointly by Dr. Banishree Mishra and Dr. Sarita Samal, Faculty, SoEE.

In the 4th session, Mr. Ashis Parida, Founder & CEO, Grinity Intellect, placed his talk on “Circular Economy in the Green Energy Sector and Future Ahead”. He spoke in detail about future aspects of Wind Energy, Solar PhotoVoltaic Energy and Recycling of Solar Photovoltaic Systems globally. The session was hosted jointly by Dr. Srikant Mahaptra and Prof Ankit Soni, Faculty, SoEE.

During the 5th session, Mr. Subrat Das, Chief Financial Officer, Sembcorp Green Infra Ltd., talked on “Current status of Indian Economy & its effect on the Job Market”. He depicted the aim of National Infrastructure Policy to shift people from rural areas to urban areas so that GDP can be increased and urbanization will boost employment generation. He also discussed about Paris Act for climate change due to urbanization and its results. He discussed about the creation of a job market in the field of electricity, transportation and infrastructure and how these sectors can boost the economy. The session was hosted jointly by Dr. Tanmoy Roy Choudhury and Prof. Deepak Kumar Yadav, Faculty, SoEE.

In the 6th session, Mr. Mukesh Tiwari, CHRO, Hengtong Optic – Electric India, highlighted the important traits of a leader and stressed the importance of working in a diverse environment on the topic titled “Leading in a Diverse and Inclusive Culture”.  The session was hosted jointly by Dr. Padarbinda Samal and Dr. Kundan Kumar, Faculty, SoEE.

During the 7th session, Mr. Prashanta Patra, Head (Engg), Astronergy, emphasized on the requirement of changing present infrastructure by adding advanced metering system, monitoring and automatic control equipment for the topic titled “Smart Energy Stimulus Means Thinking Small”. He also discussed about the benefit of smart grid in terms of efficiency, reliability and environmental aspects. Inter-disciplinary research problems like thermal imaging, IOT based SCADA, live plant monitoring, performance analysis using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), Utility grid connected PV and  micro grid were discussed thoroughly by the speaker along with some startup ideas. The session was hosted jointly by Dr. Deepak Kumar Gupta and Dr. Ranjeeta Patel, Faculty, SoEE.

During the 8th session, Mr. Varinder Singh, Chief Manager -HR, Fortum India Pvt. Ltd enlightened the audience with Fortum’s recent projects and involvements in the field of Renewable Energy in India with the topic titled “Renewable Energy: The Sun-Shine Sector to be IN”. Mr. Singh, who is a KIIT alumnus, also emphasized on the importance of IT and effects of digitization on the renewable energy industry. The session was hosted jointly by Dr. Babita Panda and Prof. Swagat Das, Faculty, SoEE.

During the 9th session, Ms Ruvalma Fernandes, Sr. Officer, Global Talent Acquisition, ESSAR Group, addressed the audience and spoke about the major parameters contributing to the concept of “Design Thinking”. The session was hosted jointly by Prof. Snehalika and Prof. Soubhagya Ranjan Prusty, Faculty, SoEE.

During the last session, Mr. Niraj Kumar, General Manager (Corporate HR and Head of HR Operations), Havells India Limited delivered the talk on “Becoming industry ready-Preparing for Placements & Competency development for better Employability”. He also exposed the various aspects pertinent to the interviewer’s angle, how to write eye catching resume, interview tips, preparation for the anticipated questions, competencies, skills and qualities essential for the successful career. The session was hosted jointly by Prof. KVVSR Choudhri and Prof. Satyabrata Sahoo, Faculty, SoEE.

Each session of the workshop was followed by participatory discussion with students. All speakers were invited to visit KIIT campus physically after the pandemic situation was over. Each session ended with a vote of thanks by SoEE faculty members. Students, faculty members, technical assistants participated in each session actively with much interest and enthusiasm.

Each session of the workshop began with welcome to the guests and participants by the Director, SoEE and his team followed by screening of the School video. All speakers congratulated Prof. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS for his vision to make KIIT among one of the best universities in the country. All resource persons expressed their immense pleasure to be part of School Workshops during ‘Mega HR Konclave-2020’.

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