Mega Digital ‘HR Konclave – 2020’: Panel Discussions & Workshops by School of Electronics Engineering, KIIT-DU


School of Electronics Engineering, KIIT Deemed to be University organized two panel discussions and twelve workshops during 28th-29th August 2020 as a part of Mega Digital ‘HR Konclave’ – 2020. As many as 24 thought leaders contributed to the deliberations and shared their expertise on different topics related to tech-HR.  

In the first panel discussion, Mr. Satyam Bheemarasetti, CEO, Neosilica, Hyderabad, explained how the students should shape their careers ideally by working well so that their innate qualities come to the fore. Mr. Rajesh Toranagatti, Director of Learning and Development, Country HR Director, Cypress, talked on the changed operational methods of companies, and urged that it needs to be collectively driven towards successful emergence of respective companies, by the sheer efforts of all the employees. Mr. Ashok M.S., Director, Zuken, analysed how work from home finds a way in the personal lives, and emphasized on the significance of discussing about mental health and wellness with the employees, alongside the projects and work undertaken.

Mr. Amardeep Punhani, Director R&D – Digital IP, NXP Semiconductor talked about the steps taken by his company to make the employees comfortable and relaxed in times of the pandemic. Mr. Satish Mohapatra, Vice President and Senior HRBP, Siemens, (Panel Moderator) emphasized on the absolute necessity to provide value to the customers, so that the company survives the competition of present times as well as aftermath of pandemic.

In the second Panel Discussion, Mr. Rajesh Ramesh, Sr. Director Applications, Infenion Technologies, categorized digital transformation into three parts – use of Tool Automation and software development, collaborating with each other, and connecting data networks. Mr. Pradeep Gupta, Chairman, Cybermedia, reaffirmed that the new world is in its path of realization with the end to end technological advancements coming in, with newer ideas presented frequently. Dr. Satya Gupta, CEO, Seedeyas Innovations, made a point that digital transformation is going on for years. Mr. Manjunath Vasudev, Co-Founder & Director, Semtronics Microsystems, emphasized how the change from telegram to Android system in itself forms the basis of digital transformation.

Mr. R.K. Shenoy, Senior VP – Engineering, Bosch (RBEI) described how his company uses the digital platform extensively for work, more than 90% to be precise. Mr. Darren Menabney, Lead Employee Engagement, Ricoh, Japan (Panel Moderator) emphasized on the topic of Digital Transformation and how it should be of a new version for being a part of our daily life and work in the industry.

On 29th of August, 12 workshops were conducted over the online platform Google Meet, and were Live streamed. Mr. Rahul Bagale, Dy. Director, HR, Faurecia Interiors India, Pvt. Ltd. emphasized on factors which help a career to develop, grow and flourish, including the necessities of short, mid and long-term goals. Mr. Namburi Manikanta, Manager–University Relations & Campus Recruitment, Odessa offered mantras of efficient preparedness for placement planning, using the pandemic to the best of advantage. Mr. Shyam Agrawal, Manager, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems India Pvt. Ltd. shared insights on ways to enter the Power Industry, which can be accomplished in two ways – Public Sector and Private Sector. He also discussed on EPC Projects and how they are undertaken.

Mr. Rajiv Naithani, Chief People Officer, Infogain India Pvt. Ltd., bridged the gap of misconceptions clouding reality of campus placement and pathway to success in the industry. Mr. Saurabh Bansal, Head of ADM & Testing, Ericsson India, taking into the future and challenges posed, said that the young students should be willing to combat the same and be career ready. Mr. Gaurav Asthana, Sr. Manager Strategy & Operations, Ericsson India, stressed on the important aspects of knowing oneself, before taking on endeavors to make the presence felt in the industry.

Dr. Jonathan Joshi, Founder & CEO, Eduvance, gave important tips to be more prepared and lead a virtual team towards realizing the vision of the company and monitor progress as such. Ms. Baljeet Chhabra, Asia Pacific Compensation and Benefits leader, Avaya, showed a path to increase and enhance adaptability in the path of new normal during times of COVID. Additionally, he suggested the new skill sets to make way for bringing out the maximum of our potential to be successful even in difficult times. Mr. Malay Goel, Head-Quality, Ericsson India, talked extensively on Quality Management and how it can help to realize goals and increase efficiency of a company and help in making its credibility grow in the market among the consumers.

Mr. Damodar Sahu, Head of Digital Strategy – Automotive Manufacturing Business Unit, Wipro, USA, tried to chalk out the future of organizations even while suggesting alternatives of the same with sheer change in outlook and understanding the consumers, in accordance to the new normal. Mr. Abhishek Sharma, HRBP & Talent Acquisition, Airtel Payments Bank, stressed on design thinking, as to be focused on by the HR such as to become fully capable in taking up the challenges faced by the industries. Ms. Hemangi Dhokte, Lead HR, Actuation Technologies, Emerson shared a glimpse of the future and the workforce looking towards a time, currently grim and misty. From the lens of the Millennial, he added, how the leaders need to be prepared for a new world, ushered in with the COVID, as and when it shall be retracing back its steps.

The overall coordination of the Panel Discussions and Workshops was done by Prof. (Dr.) Arun Kr. Ray, Director; Dr. Arindam Basak, Associate Dean, T&P; Prof. Israj Ali, Prof. Sambit Prasad Kar, Prof. Satyadeep Das, Prof. Suman Roy, Prof. Sandeep Dash, Prof. Amlan Datta, Prof. J. K. Das, Prof. Vimal Ku. Srivastava, Prof. Vikash Jha, Prof. A. N. Ghazali, Prof. Arpit Raj, Prof. Ayaskanta Mishra, School of Electronics Engineering; Dr. Shikta Singh, School of Management, KIIT-DU; Mr. Debraj Mitra, CR, KIIT-DU; and 3rd year, 4th year student coordinators from School of Electronics Engineering.

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