KSRM Organized a Webinar Series on CSR and Development


As a part of the Webinar series on “CSR and Development”, KSRM organized weekly talks in the month of July for the students of MBA (RM), MBA (ABM) and PGDCD.

The first speaker was Mr. Siba Sankar Mahapatra, Head (CSR, R&R, Land and Liaison), Utkal Alumina International Ltd. (Aditya Birla Group). He spoke about the basic concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility and the wide range of activities on enhancing livelihoods, education and health care taken up by Utkal Alumina International Limited (UAIL). He also shared about the various Covid 19 prevention activities initiated by UAIL. Mr. Mahapatra emphasized that there is a lot of scope for innovation and learning in CSR.

Mr. Srikant Bhadra, Manager (Land and Lease), Tata Steel, the second speaker delivered a talk on the process of resettlement and rehabilitation after industrialization. He also shared his experience on different post displacement challenges and how it is increasing vulnerability of the displaced families. He highlighted the work done by Tata Steel in Kalinga Nagar towards addressing these challenges.

The third speaker in the Webinar series was Ms. Niharika sahoo, AGM-Group CSR & Education, Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.  She highlighted the importance of CSR projects and explained how it helped to shape the livelihoods of different communities. She also spoke about the various programmes implemented by Jindal Steel & Power Ltd on livelihoods, health, education and infrastructure development.

Mr. Soumyashree Omprakash Sahoo, Manager, CSR, Paradeep Phosphates Limited was the fourth speaker of the Webinar series. He spoke at length about the implementation strategy adopted by Paradeep Phosphates Limited as a part of its CSR activities. He also emphasized about the importance of ethics in the workplace and how passion is the key for any work that we do.

The Webinar series was coordinated by Prof. Srilata of KSRM.

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