KSRM Conducts Webinar on ‘CSR and Development’


As a part of the Webinar series on ‘CSR and Development’, KSRM organized a talk for the students of MBA (RM), MBA (ABM) and PGDCD on 14th August, 2020. In his talk, Mr. Atul Singh, Vice President, CSR, Emami Ltd. highlighted how India is the only country which has made CSR as a mandatory corporate activity. Focusing the basic concepts of triple bottom line and creating shared value, he emphasized that the future of CSR lies in moving towards value creation and the CSR activities need to aim for creating models of excellence. He shared about the three-tier CSR governance structure, while adding that the discussion on CSR strategy also takes place in the board. Earlier, Prof. Nirmal Mandal, on behalf of the institute, welcomed Mr. Atul Singh and introduced him to the audience. 

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