KSCE’s School Level 3-Days Online Workshop on “Career Pathways”


The School of Commerce & Economics, KIIT DU (KSCE) organized a 3-day online workshop for its UG & PG students on “Career Pathways” from 23rd July to 25th July, 2020, during the first week of its Induction/ Orientation Programme for Autumn Semester 2020. The objective behind the workshop was to share the future expectations of the students and make them aware about career planning and opportunities in their area.

Session-1 (Day_1)

At the outset of the workshop, Prof. Jayanta Kumar Parida, Director, QAC & KSCE, gave an introductory address to the students about the significance of Career plan and about Career planning in the Field of Commerce & Business. He highlighted the various opportunities available to the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students in 3 broad categories namely, Higher studies (Traditional vs. Professional Courses); Job/Employability; & Self Employability/ Start-ups. He gave an overview of how and in what aspects KIIT & the Faculties of the school can be a catalyst for them to have a better career plan and opportunities. He focused on the student sincerity, determination and commitment required to have a better career and life. After his insightful address, he interacted with the students individually on one-to-one basis to know about their career plan by asking them four questions, i.e., What they want to be; What instigated them in deciding so; What alternative back-up plan they have; & What more they expect from the faculties, school or the University? The session ended with a positive feedback and response from the students for the session.

Session-2 (Day_2)

Prof. Himanshu Agarwall, Faculty, KSCE addressed the session and deliberated a presentation on Motivational talk on Career & Career Planning. He had an interactive session with the students on the perceptions about meaning of a Career, & its essential requirements; the significance of having a Career Plan; the best time to think about one’s career; & the preliminaries of choosing a Career. He motivated the students to have determined Pathways through ETC (Efforts, Time & Commitment) and believe in 4Ps namely, Purpose, Passion, Possibilities, & Power. He said that one is born unique and has a single life, so one must ask oneself about how he/she wants to be remembered. “One owes to oneself to look for a career that is meaningful and most importantly rewarding!” he added.

Session-3 (Day_2)

During the third session of the workshop, Prof. Himanshu Agarwall, Faculty, KSCE highlighted the students on what significant professional courses they have got as a career opportunity. He focused on 5 popular professional degrees such as Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Cost & Work Accountant (CWA), Certified Management Accountant, USA (CMA), & American-based Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), stating the availability of various other courses also. He made the students aware of these five courses by briefing them about the course, its future prospects and opportunities, the course structure and requirements, the papers they need to study and the passing criteria of the courses. He also addressed the various queries of the student participants at the concluding part of the session.

Concluding Session (Day_2)

The 2nd day of workshop came to an end by the address by Prof. Puspalata Mahapatra, Faculty, KSCE on the gist of the previous sessions. She highlighted the various issues for choosing a right career and motivated students with her concluding remarks. Finally, the session ended with thanksgiving by her.

Session-4 (Day_3)

The workshop continued in the 4th session with the deliberations of Prof. Mohammed Khursid, Faculty, KSCE on the various Job opportunities and Competitive exams for Commerce students. He started the session by explaining the available ongoing competitive exams in India and job demands in the market for the students of Commerce & Business. He threw some lights on the available opportunities and the process/ strategy one needs to have to grab them. He also highlighted the importance of being a civil servant and the respect attached with the job. Other than Civil Services, he also focused on the other available competitive exams like RBI Grade B and SBI PO, SSC CGL etc. The session ended with reply to some queries and doubts raised by the students and an open-house discussion.

Session-5 (Day_3)

The session was conducted on the ‘Career Pathways: Higher Studies’ by Prof. Giridhari Sahoo, Faculty, KSCE. He briefly narrated the career prospects available in the field of academics and research for commerce graduates. He motivated the students and made them aware about the opportunities and significance of the higher studies in traditional courses one can go for after graduation in commerce. He elaborated in detail about the career plan and procedure for various areas of higher studies i.e., M.Com., MBA, UGC-NET, M.Phil., and Ph.D. and gave an informative insight on the courses. The session was concluded by a question answer round where all the student participants gave their valuable and informative input on the theme.

Concluding Session (Day_3)

The 3rd day of workshop ended with the concluding remarks of Prof. Sarita Singh, Faculty, KSCE where she summed up the entire day, and discussed with the student participants about their experience from the sessions and benefits derived there from.

The 3 days’ workshop was efficiently & effectively organized by all the faculties of KSCE under the guidance of Prof. Jayanta Kumar Parida, and with the active participation of the Student members of the school the workshop proved to be a success.

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