KINS Conducts Journal Club Presentation


Kalinga Institute of Nursing Sciences (KINS), KIIT-DU conducted Journal Club presentation on 8th February 2021. Journal Club Presentation broadens the new horizon of research to the context of specific knowledge with a view to discuss and critique the research article. Prof. Mrs. Amarita Lenka, Principal, KINS (CON) chaired the session comprising two presentations by 2nd year postgraduate students. It was attended by faculty members of KINS and M.Sc. 2nd year students.  

Mr. Biswajit Shil, a M.Sc. 2nd year student, presented the research article on “Effect of a thirst bundle versus ice on thirst intensity and dryness of mouth among post operative patients in a selected hospital, Bengaluru”.  After the presentation the floor was open for discussion and critiques. The second speaker, Mr. Dillip Kumar Dash, also a M.Sc. 2nd year student, presented the article on “Effectiveness of aqua-aerobic exercises on cardio vascular fitness and weight loss among obese college students”, followed by critique and discussion.