KIMS Health Care Brigade: Harbinger of Hope to Corona Patients


The vulnerability of Mankind is exposed to the deadly COVID-19 Virus, which has gradually been shaking the foundation of Human Civilization across the Globe. Human beings are striving desperately to save their lives. Though the global community is yet to develop any vaccine or curative measure, the ambassadors of God in the form of Doctors and Nurses are leaving no stone unturned in providing healing touches to the affected patients. They have been making alive the hope of a patient to recuperate from the disease and start a fresh life.

In this context, KIMS has joined in the universal war against COVID-19 Virus through its Health Care Brigade comprising Doctors, Nurses and associated workers who are being designated as Corona Warriors. The team of Doctors and Nurses working in the COVID-19 Hospital at KIMS is carrying out an exemplary specimen of compassionate service towards the Corona affected patients which deserve gratitude & accolade from all quarters. By virtue of their selflessness and sacrifice, the CoronaVirus Front Line Workers dedicated to treat the patients in putting their own lives at stake.

Ably led by Dr. Bishnu Prasad Panigrahi, CEO, KIMS and Maj. Gen. (Dr.) P.K. Patnaik under the guidance of Dr. Subrat Acharya, Pro-Chancellor, KIIT DU, a 500-Bedded Odisha COVID-19 Hospital becomes operational in KIMS. The Odisha COVID Hospital is functioning from a dedicated block of KIMS having a committed and exclusive team of Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Housekeeping staff. 

In many Western countries since COVID and non COVID patients used to come to the same hospital, the rate of the Virus transmission had been horrifying.  Learning from that bad experience, a detached building having a separate entrance and exit, with special Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Housekeeping are taking care of the COVID patients.

In fact, the COVID suspects as well COVID patients do not intermingle with non COVID patients. The Hospital has no linkage with other departments of KIMS. The round the clock Hospital adheres to the standard best practices and follows WHO and ICMR guidelines.

All non-COVID patients along with their relatives are assured to feel free and fearless to visit the existing Hospital, as advised by KIMS sources.

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