KIIT for Kerala | Kerala People Lavishly Appreciate KIIT Skilled Personnel

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The Kerala people are bestowing profuse praise to the KIIT Team comprising of 75 skilled personnel for extending timely and much needed support to the flood victims. Till date, the KIIT Personnel are there in Kerala and have been providing best possible support to the distressed people. By dint of their help to the victims, a social connection has been established between the personnel and the local people, as a result of which the victims have requested the personnel to prolong their operation.

In this context, Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder of KIIT and KISS has advised the Team to provide service to the ill-fated people of Kerala for another few days. While the KIIT Personnel have been providing relentless service to the flood victims for the last two weeks, they have been informed to carry on the same up to 17th of September, 2018 so as to complete one month of the noble mission.

In fact, the Mobile Team have been continuing to repair the electricity, drinking water connection in different households and also repairing electrical appliances across different villages and wards. Divided into smaller teams, the personnel are carrying on their mission to meet the problems of maximum number of victims. So far, the skilled personnel have sorted out the problem of around 1000(one thousand) households suffering from the flood havoc.