Curiosity is the mother of invention – Padmabhushan Prof. Jogesh Pati

KIIT Knowledge Tree Lecture on “Unity in Particle Physics: A Quest for Beauty and Simplicity”


Padmabhusan Prof. Jogesh Chandra Pati, Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics, University of Maryland, USA delivered KIIT Knowledge Tree Lecture on the topic, “Unity in Particle Physics: A Quest for Beauty and Simplicity” at KIIT.

Addressing the audience he said, “I am humbled by the spirit of Art of Giving, virtually the foundation of KIIT and KISS.”

During two hour long thought- provoking lecture he laid focus on the theories, principles and dreams of the legendary scientists like Albert Einstein, Issac Newton and Maxwell in relation to Unity in Particle Physics with meticulous presentation much to the enlightenment of the students and faculties.

He advised the students to never stop questioning and preserving curiosity as the mother of all inventions.

Proposing the Vote of Thanks, Prof. Achyuta Samanta, Founder KIIT & KISS expressed his pleasure and heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Pati and his wife Mrs Gita Pati, an accomplished Children’ Science Writer for sparing their precious time to grace the occasion.

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