Celebrations Break Out In KIIT-KISS Campuses on Chandrayaan-3’s Moon Landing


Exuberant celebrations filled the air within the KIIT and KISS campuses on Wednesday evening as students came together to mark the historic achievement of Chandrayaan-3’s successful landing on the Moon’s surface.

As the lunar mission made its gentle descent onto the Moon and touched down on the lunar surface, the live visuals of which were being streamed on television screens, more than 60,000 students of KIIT and KISS broke into spontaneous celebration. Their enthusiasm knew no bounds as they cheered, shared greetings, and exchanged sweets in a jubilant atmosphere.

In keeping with the wishes of the Founder Dr. Achyuta Samanta, the administrations of KIIT and KISS had made elaborate arrangements to enable students, faculty, and staff to witness the historic event in real-time. Across the campuses, digital display boards attracted large gatherings of students who had, like the rest of the nation, anxiously awaited this historic moment.

Earlier on that day, students from KIIT and KISS had actively engaged in various activities leading up to the landing, extending their heartfelt best wishes to the ISRO scientists behind the momentous lunar mission. The campuses adorned themselves with the national Tricolor, and the corridors echoed chants of unity and patriotism, such as ‘Om’ and ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’.

At KISS, students took part in rituals like “puja” and “yajna” at the revered Jagannath Temple (ShriBani Kshetra), sending their best wishes to the dedicated scientists and experts. Teachers from KISS joined their students in extending well wishes to the scientific community involved in this remarkable lunar endeavour. 

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