AI tools can study trends in cardiac diseases: KIMS expert


World Cardiology Day 2023 has been celebrated in Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS). KIMS Department of Cardiology celebrated World Heart Day with a walkathon. Faculty members and students of Cardiology and various other Departments along with senior functionaries of KIMS joined the walk. Members of Lions International District 322 C4 were also part of the walkathon. Participants displayed placards on cardiac health awareness and shouted slogans to make the public aware. Speaking on the theme Senior cardiologist, KIMS Dr. Panchanan Sahoo said, we must know the theme of the year “Use heart, know heart’’ meaning we have to create awareness to have healthy individuals with healthy hearts. However, before going for a heavy exercise regime like swimming and gyming one should check his or her heart.”

Informing the public, leading cardiologist of KIMS Dr. Anupam Jena said, we are getting thousands of patients suffering from other alarming diseases relating to hypertension, neurology, pulmonology, and from the investigations of these patients through AI tools we can help people in predicting their cardiac vulnerability or at least alerting them in advance.’’ KIMS is planning to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in doing an algorithmic study to know the trend in cardiac diseases as the hospital has more than 250 cardiological interventions in a month and the trend is growing.

“With KIMS expertise lying with all such spheres, our future study using AI tools in helping patients to predict their cardiac health would be a trend setter so that others in the state and in the eastern Indian region will definitely follow in our footsteps,’’ he added.

He, however, said that we all should know how to stay healthy for a good heart and continue to have a stress-free heart as in India annually cardiac diseases are affecting 272 persons or more per 1 lakh population. It always remains on the higher side than the world average.

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