KiiT-IS Organizes Webinar on “Transformation of A State into Union Territory with Special Reference to Jammu & Kashmir”


The Department of Commerce and Humanities, KiiT International School organized a Webinar on “Transformation of a State into Union Territory with Special Reference to Jammu & Kashmir” on 16th July, 2021. 

The resource person for this webinar, Mr. Nitin Chaudhary discussed topics like federalism and its importance; and differences between Indian and American federalism in context of its history, structure and separation of powers. He pointed out that the Indian federal system was based on Canadian and American model of federalism. He explained how the Indian Federal Structure works and why is it designed that way. He discussed the roles and powers of Legislature, Executive and Judiciary, and the role of Judiciary in maintaining the basic structure of the Constitution. 

He discussed the implications of the amendments made to Article 370 and turning the states of Jammu and Kashmir into Union Territories, whether it was constitutional, the possible future actions taken by judiciary in this case and how they will impact the people and federal structure of India. After the presentation was over, the forum was opened for a question-and-answer session where the students got their queries answered by Mr. Nitin Chaudhary.

Mr. Nitin Chaudhary has an Integrated Dual Degree in Chemical Engineering with Industrial Engineering as a Minor from IIT-Madras. He has worked as a Senior Analyst in Deutsche Bank and has been a Freelance Educator and Strategy Consultant for Civil Services Examination. He has worked as an Intern in Max Planck Institute, Germany and Engineers India Limited, New Delhi. Teaching is his passion project and he has undertaken lectures on Political Science and General Studies for Civil Services aspirants.

Earlier, Dr. Partha Sarathi Das, Coordinator, Commerce and Humanities addressed the audience by introducing the resource person. He touched on the burning issues raised by amendments made to Section 370, and turning of the states of Jammu and Kashmir into Union Territory. He pointed out how the abrogation of Article 370 was an assault on democracy and Constitution, and how the Govt. of India must initiate comprehensive dialogue with the people of the valley for resolving the Kashmir issues and protection of federalism.

Mr. Yashvardhan Jhingan proposed the vote of thanks and concluded the session.

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