KiiT-IS Inspiron Exhibition and Fun Binge: A Colourful Learning Experience


Creative ideas, innovation, fun games, food, dance, and songs, all converge as a colourful collage at the Inspiron Exhibition and Fun Binge 2023 celebrations on the grounds of KiiT International School (KiiT-IS), and the students have a gala time, enjoying every bit of it.

Students at the Sonnet Club are celebrating and enjoying literary activities like documenting the success of India’s G20 presidential responsibility, Chandrayaan-III success, remembering legendary bilingual poet Jayanta Mahapatra, who passed away recently and also staging a short play from the Shakespearean era. “We also have a magazine Kloud9 in our school and are contributing to it,’’ said a member of the literary club.

Apart from the literary club, there were other stalls at the Inspiron Exhibition and Fun Binge 2023 venue, i.e. Spectrum Photography Club, Archimedes Science Club, Infinity Math Club, Green Brigade Eco Club, Youth Philatelic Club, and Yuva Tourism (Heritage) Club.

A student representing the Archimedes Science Club has displayed a hand gesture robot to control and minimize road accidents in case of brake failure. This is a prototype, but if a similar one can be scaled up and implemented on bigger vehicles like cars, buses, and transport carriers, then we can also minimize road accident-related deaths as per Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the future.

For tiny-tots, the fun games are attracting hundreds in batches. Along with the games there are food items with millets by Mission Shakti members, students selling Spanish, Italian traditional Indian, Mughlai dishes, Tibetan momos, and our very own street food like “Gup-sup”.

There are 20 stalls at the exhibition, out of which 10 are selling food items. The authorities informed that proceeds from the sale of these food stalls will be donated for the digitalization of the library at Shyamsundarpur village near Patia.

Earlier during the inaugural session former Principal DAV Public School Rajabagicha, Cuttack, Mousumi Das, Senior PGT from KV-6 Bhubaneswar HC Murmu, and biology expert Soumya Ranjan Pattanayak joined as the members of the jury.  They also expressed their happiness over the creative displays by the students of KiiTIS.

Terming the programme “a beautiful amalgamation of creative thinking and academic excellence at KiiTIS”, Chairman Mona Lisa Bal urged the students to excel in their hobbies apart from academics.

The jury members also termed the exhibition as the best platform for a holistic approach towards achieving excellence and the visionary goal of the KIIT-KISS Founder Dr. Achyuta Samanta. School Principal-cum-Director Sanjay Suar, Head of International Curriculum at KiiT-IS Rory Mcnamara, and Vice-Principal Priya Wadhwa were present.

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