Day 5 of FDP-21 at KIIT School of Fashion Technology


Dr. C. Prakash, Director of Indian Institutes of Handloom Technology  Fulia (Govt. of India), West Bengal  delivered a lecture on “Innovation  in Comfort Textile  for  Wearable Clothing” on the  Day 5 of  FDP -2021 at KIIT School of  Fashion Technology on 25th June 2021.The  Research Paper was  closely  taken out  of 20 years  of Industry  & Academic  experience  which is a general  but  unique  paper  of research on Clothing for Comfort. It is a quietly open end research paper for further research in width & breadth area.

The lecture created keen interest among   participants to know each next slide’s contents during the session. It had new dimensions and innovative approaches for taking up next step research in Comfort clothing with broader concepts. The lecture session was absolutely relevant and most participants who are doing research in Innovation & Sustainability agreed to keep the subject more enthusiastic.  The Session ended with a vote of thanks and a concluding speech by the Prof. Bauri Raula, Course Coordinator. She appreciated the Interest of the faculties towards learning and opportunity for self-improvement through FDP.

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