KIIT-ITI Students Design a Multipurpose Drone


The team led by Mr. Ashutosh Acharya, comprising 2nd-year students at KIIT-ITI, has accomplished a marvelous feat in designing a multipurpose drone. This achievement reflects the innovative spirit and dedication of the students. The drone’s versatility, with objectives ranging from supplying medicine to remote rural areas during emergencies, to dropping flowers during festive seasons, and even cleaning the outside glass of high-storied buildings, showcases its potential to address various societal needs. In fact, the drone has been tested to cover approximately 200 feet in vertical height and approximately 2 kilometers in horizontal range. The potential for updating its range further opens up exciting possibilities for future enhancements and applications. Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS has congratulated Mr. Ashutosh Acharya and his team for the achievement.

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