Workshop on Ilizarov Technique at KIMS


Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) organized a workshop on Basics of Ilizarov Technique with the support of Orthopaedics and Anatomy Departments on October 5 – 6, 2021. Following the constructivist theory, the ideal learner should acquire knowledge and skills actively and the objective of education is to help students to learn how to learn.

Head of Orthopaedics Department Prof. (Dr.) Tanmoy Mohanty took the initiative of conducting a workshop on Ilizarov Technique, which can arguably be used in almost every Orthopaedics scenario, for Post Graduate trainees. He was joined by Assistant Professor Dr. Sumanyu K. Tripathy who is trained in this field and has been practicing this technique with expertise for many years now. The journey was completed when Prof. and Head of Anatomy Department Dr. Satyanarayan Shamal showed his keen interest.

Breaking away the conventional module of training under supervision on patients, the two-day workshop was conducted on the cadavers.

The first day was dedicated to the introduction and understanding of the basics and concepts of Ilizarov Technique. Interactive sessions were conducted for all the Post Graduate trainees by both Dr. Tanmoy Mohanty and Dr. Sumanyu Kumar Tripathy explains everything about Ilizarov Technique from the history to advancements, to each and every hardware used or that could be used. All the components that are used to make the Ilizarov system were explained and shown by using various combinations of these components. It is possible to create a frame which can be used to treat various Orthopaedic problems like non unions, deformity corrections, limb lengthening, etc. Demonstration of the fixation was done on a saw bone model by each trainee in the Orthopaedics Department. The second day was dedicated to performing the fixation by applying all the knowledge and concepts learnt and acquired before on cadaver in the dissection hall of the Anatomy Department.

As an activity, the trainees were given a scenario to fix a particular fracture and on the spot planning and fixation were done by them. After the satisfaction of the Professors, the workshop ended on a high note with a sense of confidence that they learnt a part of something that is regarded as a revolution in the field of Orthopaedics till date even after 50 years. Overall, it was an academic feast for all Post graduate trainees in their very own KIMS. 

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