Training Program on Fire Safety & Prevention conducted at KIIT


A Training Program on Fire  Safety & Prevention  methods was held at Campus-3 on 27th December, 2019.  Conducting the Program, Shri Ashish Kumar Dash, Fire Officer, KIIT  discussed about various causes of Fire Outbreak and effective methods which should be executed to extinguish it with ease.

He elucidated different  initiatives which we should take in order to prevent fire. He laid focus  on different classes of fire and how should we select the right Fire Extinguisher distinctly for different classes. He also explained lucidly about the operation of different fire extinguishers. Selection of right Fire Extinguisher is very important in extinguishing fire, he remarked.

The Training Officer emphasized on the methods of operating a Fire Extinguisher especially following the P.A.S.S.(Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep) method. On the other hand, when there is  an emergency arises, then we have to follow, R.A.C.E.(Rescue, Alert, Confine and Evacuation) method, he added.

The Training Program was held under the guidance of Sri Sibananda Mishra, Director, HR and Sri Abhaya Mohanty, Asst. Personnel Officer, HR, KIIT DU. It was coordinated by Dr. Chinmay Kumar Das, Director (Admn.) O/o The Founder. As many as 25 junior staff members participated in this Training Program which was one of the series conducted by the HRD Committee, KIIT DU.

In fact, this Training Program is a part of the initiative devised by Hon’ble Founder Dr. Achyuta Samanta  and promoted by esteemed  Pro-VC Prof. Sasmita Samanta.

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