KiiT Kareer School Conducts Workshop on Blockchain Technology & Cyber Law


A Workshop on ‘Blockchain Technology and Law @ Cyber Law’ was conducted jointly by KiiT Kareer School and Asian School of Cyber Laws for B.Tech, Law and MBA students. The workshop aimed at making students aware and understand Blockchain/Cyber Security and careers associated with these fields. The session covered Blockchain and Crypto Law, Online Gaming Law, Electronic Signature Law, Cyber Crime Law and law relating to digital evidence, Intellectual Property Law, Law relating to distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrency, etc. 

Speaking at the workshop, Mr. Gokul Narayan, Chief Operations Officer of Asian School of Cyber Laws and a Mediator with the CAMP Arbitration and Mediation Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, stated that the pandemic resulted in evolving the digital technologies such as Cloud and Data Science thereby increasing the need for cyber security manifold. In view of the rising cyber crimes, he urged emergency to create awareness among students to tackle the unforeseen challenges of cybercrime as well as to strengthen cyber security.

Mr. Rohas Nagpal, Co-founder of Asian School of Cyber Laws & Chief Blockchain Architect of the Hybrid Finance (HyFi) Blockchain explained the students about importance of Blockchain and Crypto Law,  Online Gaming Law, process to file cyber crime cases and laws relating to cryptocurrency. Mr. Nagpal is a consultant for the Reserve Bank Innovation Hub for preparing a White Paper on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and Central Bank Digital Currency.

In his vote of thanks, Prof. Priyadarshi Biswal, Dean, Kareer School said, cyber security is mandatory for the career in every field and walks of life. Around 600 students attended the session along with faculty members and other senior functionaries.

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