UGADI was celebrated at KIIT



UGADI is celebrated as the new year by the people of ANDHRA PRADESH & TELANGANA PEOPLE all over the world. It is considered as an auspicious day as it marks the beginning of the New month, Chaitra of a new year based on the new year calendar. There are many customs of the festival which are an integral part of ugadi significance and symbolism. One such custom is that making Ugadi Pachadi.

The significance of Ugadi Pachadi is immense as it symbolizes the essence of life. This special dish is prepared with ingredients like :

  •  Jaggery (sweet) : symbolizing happiness
  • Salt (salty) : showing interest in life
  • Tamarind (sour) : symbolizing challenges
  • Neem Flowers (bitter): shows difficulties of life
  • Raw Mango (tangy): indicating surprises and new challenges
  • Chilli Powder (spicy): showing the angry moments in one life

The dish is significant as it has all the tastes of life. It tastes that life is a mixture of all emotions.

UGADI has been celebrated in KIIT since 6 years by TEAM SIKA (*SOUTH INDIAN KIIT ASSOCIATION*) . This year organized by KIIT Student Activity Centre (KSAC). According to telugu calendar, there is a 60 years of cycle consisting of 60 names . For this year, it is known as VILAMBI

Dr. ACHYUTA SAMANTA sir, Founder KIIT & KISS , known for his respect towards all the traditions and cultures. He inspired and supported us to celebrate UGADI every year in KIIT . This year in our event , the chief guests were Dr. Hrishikesh Mohanthy,Vice Chancellor KIIT , Dr. Sasmita Samanta , Registrar KIIT , Dr. Sucheta Priyabadini , Director KSAC, Dr. P Chandrasekhar , Faculty in charge Team SIKA. FACULTY from different schools of KIIT , KIMS & KIDS had witnessed the event and encouraged us in making the event great grand success .

Cultural Programmes were conducted and South Indian Delicious dishes were prepared and served to guests and students by KIIT Hospitality Team.

Hope this trend of celebrating UGADI continues for the years to come ,so the students are connected to the INDIAN Cultures and Tradition .

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