World Kidney Day observed at KIMS


Jointly organized by Indian Academy of Nephrology and Bhubaneswar Nephrology Forum, World Kidney Day was observed  at KIMS on 13th March, 2020.

Gracing the occasion, Professor of Nephrology at SCB Medical College, Cuttack and In-charge Kidney Transplantation  Dr. Chittarnjan Kar said that Odisha holds 12th rank as far as Cadaveric Kidney Transplantation is concerned. Though endeavors have been made by Government in this regard since 2013-14, but it has become more streamlined after establishment of SOTO(State Organ and Tissue Transplantation Organization). After Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chandigarh and West Bengal  etc states, Odisha has succeeded in this sphere.

“Kidney ailment gradually spreads its wings within a human body. The vulnerable groups include persons suffering from High Blood-pressure, Diabetes, Obesity apart from inheriting the disease from theirs parents. So they need to be vigilant. Besides they should undergo multiple tests in every 3 or 6 months duration”, added Dr. Kar.

Gracing the occasion as a Special Guest, Khandapara Legislature as well as the Editor of Sambad Shri Soumya Ranjan Patnaik said that when 10 percent of the total population  are being affected from Kidney related ailments, public awareness should be generated to detect the patients and to provide them proper treatment. In this context, the observance of Kidney Day carries immense significance. The transplantation of Cadaveric Kidney in Odisha has instilled confidence within us, he added.

The Vice Chairperson of Indian Academy of Nephrology, Dr. R.K. Sharma said that one out of every ten persons in the country is affected by Kidney disease. As a consequence of our changing life style, casualties are increasing in case of patients affected by this disease. While Corona has been declared as a pandemic globally, we have to be extra cautious to fight with the disease.

At the outset, Organizing President Prof. S.C. Dash, Professor Emeritus, KIIT DU introduced the guests and put his views on the theme “Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere: from Prevention to Detection and equitable access to care” . Maj. Gen. Prof. (Dr.) P.K. Patnaik, Principal, KIMS proposed vote of thanks. Among others, Dr. S Padmanabhan, Dr. P.P. Verma, Dr. Arghya Majumder, Dr. S. Ray, and Dr. Sribhusan Raju elaborately discussed on the theme of the Seminar.

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