Tech Talk on “ IoT and Industry 4.0” at School of Electronics Engineering


School of Electronics Engineering, KIIT-DU, in association with TechBairn, has initiated a Tech Talk series on the different ideas and innovations that lay the foundation of today’s industry to be hosted by professionals in their fields and the industry, as well as KIIT alumni. The first talk of the series was held on 16th January 2022 on the topic- “IoT and Industry 4.0”. The speaker was Mr. Siddharth Bhatter, founder & CEO Karkhana Makerspace, CTO, Pkare innovations Pvt Ltd, and an experienced Tedx Speaker. Mr. Bhatter focused on the domains of embedded systems, IoT, and its different applications. He also discussed the importance of doing projects and the upliftment of the semiconductor industry.

Techbairn, is one of the fastest-growing professional platforms in the country and has been awarded the best start-up of the country for the year 2021 by the Indian Achievers Award. It is the most promising start-up at Bhubaneswar by Start-up Talky and is going to open its chapter in KIIT. 

The program will include regular sessions, tech talks, webinars, live projects, internships, and much more. The 2nd session will be held on 23rd January 2022, on the topic- “Future in industry-based embedded electronics”, by Mr. Sambhrant Chaubey, a senior embedded software developer at Robert Bosch.

Dr. Arindam Basak, Associate Dean, T&P, School of Electronics Engineering, Mr. Priyanshu Saxena and Mr. Sambhrant Chaubey were invited to grace the session. Asma Mohiuddin and Md. Iqbal, students of the School of Electronics Engineering, coordinated the whole event. The event was attended by the faculties and students of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year of the School of Electronics Engineering.