KINS Organises Virtual Alumni Talk


The Kalinga Institute of Nursing Science (KINS), a constituent under KIIT-Deemed-to-be-University, conducted Virtual Alumni Talk Series-10 on July 22 on the topic “Public Speaking and Entrepreneurship in Health Care’’.

Following a welcome address by Prof. Kalyani Rath ,Vice- Principal, KINS, Geetanjali Das, entrepreneur from Jagatsinghpur started the alumni talk. She was a student of KINS 2014-2016 Batch with Medical Surgical Nursing Speciality. She shared her experiences about college days and the importance of public speaking in the health care sector.

She discussed about entrepreneurial ventures and also highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship in health care settings and said that it becomes possible when health care professionals create new business openings through developing services, tools or ideas.

She illustrated the most profitable business in the health care setting such as – tele health software solutions, medical equipment rental and maintenance services, nurse consigner services, medical staffing agency, online pharmacy mobile apps and much more. She classified the characteristics of entrepreneurs and types of entrepreneurship and also mentioned the steps in the process of entrepreneurship and functions of entrepreneurs.

She also dealt with public speaking, its types, purpose and career in public speaking, adding that it is the process of communicating information to a live audience and encouraged the students to develop leadership abilities because it helps to convey our ideas effectively to others.

All the faculties of KINS, B.Sc 3rd year and 2nd semester of nursing students participated in Virtual Alumni Talk Series -10. Vote of thanks was proposed by Purnima Sahoo, Associate Prof in Child Health Nursing. The session was very informative and interactive.

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