KIMS Doctor delivers talk at Capital Hospital, Bhubaneswar


Dr. Sakir, Assistant Professor of Rheumatology, KIMS addressed a congregation of Doctors at the Capital Hospital on 12th February, 2020. He presented on the topic “Treating Arthritis in 2020: what is new?”. He elaborated on how Inflammatory Arthritis can affect all  the organs and not just joints. He pointed out how the principal cause of death was a heart attack (myocardial infarction) and stroke.

There was an extensive discussion on newer treatment modalities. The Capital Hospital Doctors also requested an additional talk on the management of Osteoarthritis. Dr Sakir complied with an impromptu discourse. The program, initially planned for 30 minutes, went on beyond an hour, the credit for which went to  the enthusiasm of the participating Doctors and the vibrant discussion.

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