KIMS Cardiologist Delivers Talk on ‘Below The Knee Interventions’ at China Vascular Congress


Dr Anupam Jena from the department of Cardiology KIMS was Invited as an International Faculty to China Vascular Congress (CVC). He delivered a talk on “Below the knee interventions”.

CVC is one of the largest and most prestigious meetings in the field of vascular diseases. It was held on the virtual platform from 14thSeptember to 19th September and was attended by more than 3000 vascular surgeons and endovascular interventionists from around the world.

Dr Jena delivered a talk on percutaneous interventions in the leg. Peripheral arterial diseases involving the lower limbs are increasing in prevalence due to an increase in the number of patients with diabetes, smoking etc. These diseases are often poorly managed. Inadequate and improper management of such diseases sadly results in a higher number of limb amputations. Dr Jena’s talk dealt with this important group of patients where timely treatment results in limb salvage.

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