KIIT School of Applied Sciences Conducts Invited Talk


The Department of Mathematics, School of Applied Sciences, KIIT-DU conducted an invited talk on ‘Hyperbolic Conservation Laws’ by Prof. Satyananda Panda, Professor of Mathematics, NIT Calicut on 15th July 2022. In his talk, he introduced the hyperbolic system and spoke about solving scalar conservation equations analytically for linear and non-linear cases. The weak solution via entropy function was demonstrated through graphs. An interesting physical insight of the problem involving shocks and rarefactions were discussed using real life examples. He also discussed some numerical techniques like FTCS, Lax-Friedrichs Scheme for solving these equations. The solution of nonlinear PDE like Inviscid Burgers’ Equation was discussed via the computation of characteristic curves.

About 60 M.Sc, Ph.D students, faculty members and staff of the School attended the talk. Prof. S. Panda was welcomed and introduced by Dr. Anita Nayak. Prof. S. Nanda, Head Research Chair, KIIT-DU; Prof. S. K. Misra, Coordinator, Department of Mathematics; Prof. S.K. Samal, Prof. B.B. Mishra, Dr. Mrutyunjay Das and Dr. B.P. Padhy also spoke on the occasion. The vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. S.K. Misra. The seminar was coordinated by Dr. Anita Nayak.