International Conference on Sustainable Waste Management


9th International Conference on Sustainable Waste Management towards Circular Economy (9th IconSWM-CE 2019)  has been inaugurated at KIIT on 27th of November, 2019. The speakers have emphasized on converting the wastages into resources and how its utilization will be helpful for Economy. Through the sustainable management and processing of wastages, how industries will be flourished through its proper utilization, the speakers analyzed upon it.

Organized  on the combined effort of KIIT Deemed to be University and International Society of Waste Management, this 4 day Conference has witnessed participation of eminent ecologists from Japan Ch. Rudra Charan Mohanty and K. Onogowa;, Scientist from Indian Institute of Science Dr. H.N. Chanakya; Professor of IconSWM-CE Dr. Sadhan Ghosh; Professor from Malaysia Agamathu P.; Environmentalist from Austria Arne Ragosingh; Professor from Germany M Neles; Director General of SACEP from Srilanka Dr. Abas Basir;  VC of KIIT DU Prof.. Hrushikesha Mohanty,; The Principal Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Govt. of Odisha,  G. Mathi Vathanan and Director, KIIT School of Civil Engineering Dr. Banu Gopal Mohapatra.

The dignitaries laid focus on the management of different waste materials. In all, more than 1000 environmentalists and representatives from 30 countries have participated in this Conference. In order to gratify the Sustainable Development Goal, sustainable management of garbage and waste products apart from conservation of resources have become the basic objective of United Nations. Keeping in view of these aspects, such International Conference is being organized.

In fact, the International Conference on Sustainable Waste Management towards Circular Economy movement(IconSWM-CE) was initiated for better waste management and environmental protection since the year 2009 through generating awareness and bringing all the stakeholders together from all over the world under the aegis of the ISWMAW. The IconSWM has become one of the biggest platforms in India for knowledge sharing, awareness generation and encouraging the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), Government Departments, Researchers, Industries, NGOs, Communities and other stakeholders in the area of Waste Management in the country. The outcome of  the Conference will be aptly useful for such organizations and people.

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