International Conference on Solar Energy Photovoltaic Inaugurated at KIIT


KIIT School of Electronics Engineering organizes the 3rd International Conference on Solar Energy Photovoltaics which is being held at the Auditorium, Campus-12 from 19th to 21st December, 2019.

Gracing the Inaugural Session as the Chief Guest,  Prof. Sandeep Verma, eminent Indian Bio-Organic Chemist said that Solar Energy and other sources of renewable energy are increasingly important in growth of a Nation. From geopolitical standpoint, having Solar Energy is very important across the world in terms of availability and affordability. The research  we are doing today is going to be translated to solutions for tomorrow. It is important not to talk about Solar energy generation, but its effect and mitigation of Climate Change.

While only China and USA are ahead of us, we stand third  in terms of Solar Energy installation capability. “Our Hon’ble Prime Minister has nucleated International Solar Alliance. As part of this policy, Solar Energy should be concentrated and be an alternative source to petroleum producing (OPEC) countries. We are not only working from the Research standpoint but also looking at the Policy Matters which can bring out a change. As we have abundant supply of nature, it could be harnessed for future”, added Prof. Verma.

Guest of Honour, Prof. C. Jagdish, from the Research School of Physics and Engineering, Australian National University said that Solar Energy is an important area of Research. It always carries much significance regarding what we can do for the people, who are struggling with kerosene lamps in remote villages. Science and Technology do not have National boundaries. Besides, development of the Technology has huge impact on the Humanity and Global Community.

Hailing the stature of KIIT, he said it is a fantastic achievement on   part of KIIT to get Institute of Eminence status. He congratulated Dr. Achyuta Samanta  for his vision, leadership and phenomenal impact in bringing the marginalized tribal children into social mainstream and thus making a big difference in their lives.

In her Address, Prof. Sasmita Samanta, Pro-VC, KIIT DU said that, Energy is the catalyst of the society to connect the world. Moreover, it is the most powerful tool to connect the mankind for sustenance. Adequate research needs to be done to make solar energy into a viable alternative source of energy from the available natural sources so that we can connect ourselves and grow with that.

At the outset, placing the Welcome Address, Prof. A.K. Sen, Chairman-Under Graduate Programme said that  Solar Energy is one of the non polluting energy sources and an alternative to thermal energy.  The Government is promoting a lot of research in the area.  The notable fact regarding that is the efficiency it counts.

Dr. A.K.  Roy, Director, KIIT School of Electronics Engineering said that we  have to find a solution for the challenges before us in the field of Solar Energy. While Solar Fossil is depleting at a faster rate, Solar Energy is one of them.  Although people have adopted Solar Energy in different t parts of the world, however, it throws a big challenge for the scientists  to think how commercialization can be done.

Eventually, Shri. Srinibasa Padhy, Asst. Professor, School of Electronics, extended vote of thanks.

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