KIDS observes World No Tobacco Day


Inspired by the philosophy of the “Art of Giving” initiated by our Founder, Dr. Achyuta Samanta, an initiative was led by Dr. Jugajyoti  Pathi, Deputy Director (Administration),  on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day. The NSS unit and Department of Public Health Dentistry of Kalinga Institute of Dental Sciences (KIDS), a constituent of KIIT Deemed-to-be-University, Bhubaneswar, organised various programme and activities on 30th May 2023 and 31st May 2023 to observe the day.

In order to raise awareness of the tobacco epidemic and the preventable deaths, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) member states established World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) in 1987. Every year on May 31, people all over the world observe WNTD. The annual event educates the public and what people all over the world can do to assert their right to health and a healthy lifestyle and to safeguard future generations.

In addition to being a serious threat to food insecurity, tobacco also poses a risk to public health, including that of tobacco growers. Farmers are exposed to toxic pesticides, tobacco smoke, and as much nicotine as there is in 50 cigarettes, which can cause ailments like chronic lung disorders, oral cancers and nicotine poisoning.  The WNTD theme for 2023 is “We Need Food, Not Tobacco,” which aims to persuade tobacco farmers to switch to sustainable and nutritious crops by promoting knowledge of alternative marketing and production strategies.

In India, one of the most common cancers is oral cancer. Dentists play a major role in the early detection of oral malignancies, which are mostly caused by tobacco use in all its forms. The cancer can be treated if it is identified early. The various activities and programme conducted by the Department of Public Health Dentistry to emphasize and observe world No Tobacco Day are as follows:

1) A tobacco cessation counselling programme was conducted which emphasized on the harmful effects of tobacco habits, importance and benefits of tobacco cessation.

2) An oral health screening camp was conducted at the Falcon Marine Exports Ltd, Patia, Bhubaneswar. An educative health talk was delivered regarding harmful effects and adverse consequences of tobacco consumption, good oral hygiene maintenance habits and regular visit to dentist for checkup.

3) A rally was conducted which was flagged off by Dr. Jugajyoti  Pathi (Deputy Director), Dr. Aswini Kumar Kar (Principal) and Dr. Sangamesh NC (Vice-Principal), KIDS, to create awareness among the public and highlight the ill-effects of tobacco on people’s general health and oral health. The rally consisted of faculties, PGs, interns and dental college staff showcasing and displaying several placards and posters and raised slogans about ill effects of tobacco.

4) To raise awareness about the deleterious effects of tobacco on oral health and overall health, the security guards and the non-teaching staff of KIDS took a pledge to quit tobacco and not consume any type of tobacco products.

5) Students distributed pamphlets and leaflets to the street vendors to raise awareness on the harmful and deadly effects of tobacco use and to discourage the use of tobacco in any form.

At the end Dr. Kajal Parashar, Dy. Director, CEC, Programme Coordinator KIIT NSS Bureau, extended her world of thanks to the entire faculty and students of KIDS for their active and enthusiastic involvement during the entire event.

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