Seminar on Implications of Artificial Intelligence on Indian Corporates held at KIIT


A Seminar on “Implications of Artificial Intelligence on Indian Corporates” was organized by KIIT School of Commerce and Economics(KSCE) at Conference Hall, Campus-3 on 12th February, 2020.

Prof. Pradyumna Kumar Mohanty, Professor(Accounting) and Academic Dean, Xavier School of Commerce was the invited resource person for the seminar. In his talk, Prof. Mohanty explained how Artificial Intelligence(AI) has affected our daily life. He remarked, though millions of front end jobs will be eliminated by 2030, but it cannot replicate skill set. AI may replicate the cognitive ability of the human, however it can never replace human intelligence. He also said that AI for sure is the future with a lot of opportunities but in tandem quality of data throws  a major challenge.

The Seminar was also graced by Prof. Jayanta Kumar Parida, Director QAC, and Director, KSCE. He encouraged and motivated the students for such dissemination of information and  knowledge sharing amongst themselves and other stakeholders.

The Seminar was coordinated by Mr. Himanshu Agarwall, Asst. Professor, KSCE and was chaired by Ms. Sarita Kumari Singh Asst. Professor, KSCE. The other faculties of the Commerce Department also contributed to the effective completion of the seminar.

The students of PG and UG programme delivered a seminar presentation on the topic.  They placed a conceptual idea on Artificial Intelligence, its evolution over the years, its tool, benefits, challenges and opportunities. They also tried to elucidate the relationship of AI with Finance and Accounting in this era of AI. They did some research work to justify the implications of AI on Indian Corporates and their performance with the help of statistical tools and techniques.

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