Prof. Asha Rao Delivers a Talk at School of Electronics Engineering


Associate Dean of Mathematical Sciences at RMIT University, Australia and a 2019-2020 Australian Superstar of STEM, Prof. Asha Rao delivers a Talk on the theme “Cyber Security: Identifying a Criminal’s Network of Trust” at KIIT School of Electronics Engineering.

A trans-disciplinary researcher, she applies algebraic techniques to a wide variety of problems, ranging from designing better codes for communication, to detect money laundering and describing human interactions in the physical space; from measuring the effectiveness of campaigning on social media to designing better security for the Internet of Things.

Cyber-crimes mainly involve criminal activities wherein the computer is either a tool or a target or both. In her talk, she highlighted how fraud and money-laundering has resulted in invitations to closed and open meetings on cyber security as well as to observe the United Nations intergovernmental meetings on cybercrime, in Vienna. She briefed about tracing criminal ties and mining evidence from a large network to begin a crime case analysis.

She also talked about the formation of different committees including developed and developing countries which are responsible to keep a watch in cybercrimes happening day-by-day and also implementing different rules to tackle these problems. She stressed about research required for developing tools for protecting money laundering and other times of crime special in India.

During the talk, Director, Dean, Professors, PhD, Master and B. Tech students were present. Many students have interacted with her about the topic and also few of them were interested to make a career in the area of cyber security.

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