Presentation and Chairing in a National Conference- PEDICON 2020


Dr. Nirmal Kumar Mohakud, Associate Professor, Pediatrics, KIMS was invited to chair in  sessions on Probiotics: Current Evidence regarding their utility in Gastroenterology – Dr. Ganapathy Sridhar- (Mumbai). A detailed discussion regarding healthy gut microbiota and its implication in good health, besides active lifestyle in the prevention of many chronic diseases was done.

Clinical Utility of Inflammatory Markers: Routine & New was conducted in another session by Dr. D. Narayanappa – (Mysore) and New Clinical Microbiology approaches in infectious disease diagnosis  was conducted by Dr. Satish V Pandya – (Vadodara)  and chaired by Dr. Mohakud which had been put forward the significance of  biomarkers for early diagnosis and newer diagnostic tools in evolution for better treatment and prognostication.

In this PEDICON 2020, Indore, Dr. Mohakud presented his work on Rotavirus  “Association of climatic parameters with the epidemiology of rotavirus diarrhoea among hospitalized under-five children in Bhubaneswar, Odisha”. The study found a highly significant association with increase in rotavirus diarrheal cases with the seasonal parameters. The effect of average humidity, average maximum & minimum temperature and average rainfall, positively influence rotavirus admissions to rise. Other stakeholder of the study were  Abhinav Gaurav, Vishwanath Ghosal, Rashmi R Das and Snigdha Sing.

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