GRANDE FIESTA V2.0 organised at KIIT School of Civil Engineering


In order to encourage and motivate the academic and extracurricular activities of the students, a Grand Fest was organized by the ASCE and ICE KIIT Student Chapter in School of Civil Engineering, KIIT DU on 15th February,  2020. The Fest was divided into two sections, i.e. the Technical Events and  the Cultural Events. The Technical Fest comprised of four competitions, namely: 1. Archo-Mattone 2. Cad-a-thon 3. Civiwiz and 4. Arch-o-Graphy; all of which were conducted within the School of Civil Engineering (KIIT Deemed to be University, Campus 3).

The Cultural Fest comprised of three competitions, namely: 1. Voice of Civil (Singing) 2. Dance Competition and 3. Mr. and Ms. Civil (Ramp Show). The inauguration ceremony commenced at around 9:30 AM in the presence of many esteemed dignitaries. Director (School of Civil Engineering), Prof.(Dr.) Benu Gopal Mohapatra; Associate Dean (School of Civil Engineering), Prof.(Dr.) S. Moulick; Faculty Adviser (ASCE KIIT Student Chapter) and Prof.(Dr.)P.C Saha; Faculty Adviser (KSCE), Prof.(Dr.) K.P Samal graced the ceremony with their presence. They all were felicitated by the President of the Students Society.

The Civiwiz was a Quiz Competition where 30 teams each consisting of 2 members, participated. This event was organized under the guidance of faculty members of the School of Civil Engineering, KIIT DU – Prof. Dipti Ranjan Biswal and Prof. Moibullah. The Cad-a-thon was a competition based on AutoCad skills. Participants were judged on their planning skills. This event was organized under the guidance of faculty members (School of Civil Engineering, KIIT)- Prof. Malay Mohanty and Prof. Gaurav Udgata. This event attracted 12 participants.

The Archo Mattone was a fun activity-competition. Students were required to build an arch out of 20 fly ash bricks and sand (provided during competition). The arches were then load tested and the structure to Withstand the highest load was to be declared the winner. 15 teams of about 5 members each participated in this competition. Faculty members (School of Civil Engineering, KIIT)- Prof. Sunny Jaiswal and Prof. S.S. Panda were present to guide the students in this competition.

TheArch-o-Graphy was an online photography event. Participants were to register online and submit their photographs on the theme : Civil Engineers, the architects of a new world (announced previously).

In all, 12 participants took part in the competition. After the end of the Technical Events, the Cultural Events particularly the singing competition, Voice of Civil, started around 3:30 PM. After the pulsating singing performances, the Dance competition began at around 5:00 PM. Around 10 participants wowed the audience with their exhilarating performances. The grand show was brought to an end by an exceptional ramp walk showcase and competition Mr. and Ms. Civil .

This event was judged by faculty members (School of Civil Engineering, KIIT)- Prof. K.P. Samal, Prof. Kundan Samal , Prof. Gaurav Udgata, Prof. Malaya Mohanty and Prof. Preeti Nanda. The ASCE Grande Fiesta V 2.0 was concluded with the prize distribution ceremony, wherein the winners of the different events conducted, were honored with a certificate and few sponsored goodies. With this, the day-long grand and energetic event came to a successful end.

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