Art of Giving Celebrated in 25000 Places Worldwide


The 11th edition of the International ‘Art of Giving’ Day was celebrated on 17th June, 2024 in 25,000 locations across 200 countries, including in India. In Odisha, the Day was celebrated in 35 cities, including the headquarters of 30 districts, as well as in every block and 6,500 panchayats. Each year, the Art of Giving is based on different themes, and this year’s theme was ‘Let’s AOG’.

The worldwide movement was initiated by the Founder of KIIT and KISS  Dr. Achyuta Samanta on May 17, 2013 to promote peace, friendship, and happiness in the world, extending a helping hand whenever and wherever needed, establishing friendships with everyone, and respecting all.

Since then, every year, May 17 is being celebrated as International Art of Giving Day at various locations worldwide. This year, it was moved to June 17 in view of the general elections.

Currently, the Art of Giving has over 20 million followers and 10 million members, spreading its message globally. It has coordinators in 200 countries, with coordinators present in every state of India and every block and panchayat in Odisha.

It is an altruistic practice filled with selflessness, gratitude, appreciation, kindness, compassion, and humility. A person gains the greatest joy in life through sharing with others. It is based on the philosophy of giving to others in various ways without expecting anything in return, said Dr. Samanta.

“I realized that everything I practiced and achieved in my life revolved around the Art of Giving. My life can be summarized in three words: Art of Giving,” he added. Today, millions of people from different sections of society have been inspired to join the Art of Giving campaign.

Dr. Samanta, who lost his father at the age of five and grew up in poverty, has been getting help and giving love and affection since childhood. From his early days, he never hesitated to assist other poor and helpless villagers with the small amounts of money he earned from minor jobs. This spirit of giving eventually gave birth to the Art of Giving.

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