Celebration of International Nurses Week-2017 International Nursesday, Oath Taking & Lamp Lighting Ceremony

Celebration of International Nurses Week-2017
International Nursesday, Oath Taking & Lamp Lighting Ceremony
International Nurses Week-2017 was celebrated at Kalinga Institute of Nursing Sciencesin KIMSAuditorium, KIIT on the theme “Nurses: A voice to lead –Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal ”.

From 09.05.2017 various competitionswere organised like Debate,Essay,Quiz,Slogan,Spot painting and Mr and MissKINSFor the students Of KINS.For all thecompetitions the judges were invited from KIMS, KIDS,KINS ,KISS, PBMH of KIIT.

1Debate competitionMr. satyabrata Das Head Publication cell, KIIT.Mr. AbhinabMukharjee B.sc(N) 3rd year(1st)prize
Mr. Bhabesh sahoo B.Sc(N)3rdyear(2nd)prize
Ms.BhagyalaxmiSamalMSc(N)1st  year(3rd)Prize.
Mrs. KulminaDash Programme co-ordinator,KINS.
2Essay competitionProf.(Mrs).KalyaniRath, HOD of O&G Dept Of KINS.Aswini ku Behera MSc(N) 1st   year(1st)prize
Ms. Karishma Bal MSc(N) 1st  year (2nd)prize
Ms.BhagyalaxmiSamal MSc(N) 1st   year(3rd)prize
Mrs MaliniDigalAsstProf,CHN Department ,KINS
Mrs SuchismitasahooAsst Prof. Psychiatric Nursing.KINS.
3Slogan competitionR. Asokan,Asso Prof, KINS,Ramesh Chandra Guru GNM 3rd year, (1st)prize
Raj kumar Das B.sc(N) 2nd   year (2nd)prize
BhabeshsahooB.Sc(N)3rd yearyear(3rd)prize
Mrs SuchismitaSahoo, Asst.Prof, KINS.
Mrs.PranatiBiswal,Clinical Instructor,KINS.
4Spot PaintingMrs. PramilaBaxlaAsst.Prof,KINS
Ms.PrativaKheti, Tutor, KINS
Ms.BhagyalaxmisamalMSc(N) 1st year,(1st prize)
MeghaGhoshB.Sc(N) 3rd  year(2nd)prize
and SnigdhaKhamari B.sc(N) 2nd
5Mr and Miss KINSDr.Jagdish Chandra Rath Asst.Prof, PBMH
Dr. SoumyaKantaMohanty, Asst. Prof OpthalmologyDepartment
Raj Kumar Das B.Sc Nursing 2ndyrB.sc(N).
Ms.Sinthia paul B.Sc Nursing 3rd year(MISS KINS)
6Quiz competition Organised by-
Kuakhai group(1st)
Kaberi group(2nd)

On 10.05.2017 different competitions like slogan, musical chair, pentazone, song, quiz and Tug of warwere organized among faculties of  KINS. The Judges for different  competitions were invited from KIMS,KIDS and KINS.

1Slogan competitionDr.SaradaCharanBal,Asso.Prof, Department of Dermatology,PBMH .Miss PrativaKheti ,Tutor ,KINS(1st)Prize
,Mrs. Nibedita Mohanty Asst Prof , KINS(2nd)Prize
Mrs Nilam Mishra Tutor , KINS(3rd)prize
Mrs Gitanjali Mohanta ,DNS ,PBMH.
2Musical chair compettitionOrganised by-
Mr. ChandanPradhan, Asst. Prof,KINS.
Mrs.Nilam Mishra Tutor, KINS(1st)prize.
Ms.Pritilagna Dash Tutor,KINS(2nd)prize.
(Prof) Mrs.Niyati Das ,Vice Principal, KINS(3rd)prize
3Pentazone competitionOrganised by-
Mrs Nilam Mishra,Tutor
Mrs,Prativa Roy,tutor(1st)prize.
Mrs.Pranati Biswal,CI &Ms,Prativa Kheti,Tutor(2nd)prize
Mrs.Nilam Mishra,Tutor(3rd)prize
4Song competitionMr.KhageswarRout,Asst.Prof,ENTDepartment,PBMH.
Mrs,Kalyani Rath,Prof.KINS
Mrs.Rashmi Ranjita Padhi,CI(1st)prize
Mrs.Anusuya Behera,Tutor(2nd)prize
Ms.Debasmita Mohapatra,Tutor(3rd)prize
5Tug of warOrganised by-
Mrs.Kulumina Dash
Group-A Won.
6Quiz competition Organised by-
Mrs.KalyaniRath, Prof.KINS.
Mrs.Kulumina Dash, Progamme co-ordinator,KINS
Kasatandi group(1st)prize
kumudini group(2nd)prize

On 11.05.2017 a one day Seminar was conducted by M.SC Nursing  2nd year students  of KINS to sensitize the students regarding the theme of International Nurses week-2017 Theme “Nurses: A voice to lead –Achieving the Sustainable Development Goal ”. The Programme startedat 9amwith lighting the lamp by .Prof. (Mrs) Amrita Lenka, Principal KINS(CON).All the 17th sustainable developmental goals were highlighted by M.SC Nursing second year students.

On 12th May 2017at 9am the programme was inaugurated with lamp lighting by esteemed dignitaries. There was a welcome song performed by 3rd year B.SC (N) students, followed by welcome address given by  Prof. (Mrs) Amrita Lenka, Principal, KINS. Key note address was presented by Prof (Mrs)  Niyati Das HOD, Department of Child Health Nursing andCol(Mrs) SusamaSahu, Nursing Superintendent,PBMH enlightened about pioneer of Nursing Miss  Florence Nightingle and her contribution towards nursing profession in India. Followed by Ms.Pramoda Kumari Nayak ,Principal School of Nursing gave oath to the  First year B.Sc  and GNM Nursing students after lighting the lamp. Finally the programme was ended by  Vote of thanks  byMr. R .Asokan, Asst. Prof,KINS. Followed by cultural programme by B.Sc and GNM students.
At 5pm the formal meeting was Inaugurated by lighting the lamp by respected dignitaries. There was a welcome song performed by 3rd year B.SC (N) students, followed by welcome address by Prof. (Mrs) Amrita Lenka, Principal, KINS.she has delivered a  Motivational speech to the students regarding the importance of nursing and how they can effectively use the knowledge and skills in their practice for providing quality care to the patients. Prof. P.P Mathur, Vice Chancellor, KIIT addressed the gathering. Prof (Dr) B.C Das, Advisor, KIMS emphasised on work of Nurses and their  dedication towards patients care. Prof R.N Dash Secretary of KIIT and KISS enlighten the impotance of Nursing. Chief guest Prof. (Dr.) Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT and KISS highlighted  in his speech about NursingSkills and congratulate all the oath taking students.Honourable Founder KIIT & KISS awarded Best faculty to Mrs(Prof) Kalyani Rath Department of  O &G of KINS.Best outgoing student Prize was grabbed byNirmalaThongram from Msc Nursing second year .Best outgoing student prize was won by Miss Puja Sinha Mohapatra B.Sc(N) 4th year and best outgoing student prize was won by Miss Pallavi Dalei Intern GNM.Other prizes to faculty and students were distributed by  prof(Dr) B.C Das,Advisor KIMS and Prof.S.B.Ogale, Director,KIMS,PBMH.lastly programme was ended at 6pm by giving vote of thanks by Prof(Ms.) PramodaKumariNayak,Principal School of Nursing.

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