KIIT Law School Conducts Webinar on “Regulation of Merger Regime in India- Experience of a Decade”

The KLS Centre for Studies in Business and Corporate Law (KCBCL), under the aegis of the Department of Business Law and Corporate Governance, in collaboration with the Competition Commission of India (CCI) conducted a webinar on the topic “Regulation of Merger Regime in India- Experience of a Decade” on 22nd April, 2022 on zoom platform.  The webinar talk was delivered by Mr. Anuj Verma, Deputy Director (Financial Analyst), CCI.

Discussing the provisions relating to Combinations under the Competition Law prior to 2011 and the significant changes made in the statutory framework post 2011, Mr. Verma talked about pro-competitive and anti-competitive factors to be considered in mergers and acquisitions and the factors that weigh in through the decision-making process by the Commission. He explained Section 5 and 6 of Competition Act, 2002 and the threshold limits beyond which transactions become notifiable and the reasons for the same.

He discussed transactions that are exempted from filing of notice, through notifications via the Commission and elaborated on the vitality of inter-connected transactions and the manner in which they are dealt with by the Commission. He also explained Green Channel Filing under the purview of the Commission which acts as a filter for certain kinds of merger transaction or combination filings which don’t possess any risk of harm to competition regimes.

Mr. Verma also answered questions from the students and faculty members attending the webinar. Professor Saptarshi Das, Faculty Member, KCBCL; Professor Ashok Srivastava, Assistant Professor; Prof. Ipsita Das, Assistant Professor & Centre Coordinator; and Apurba Pattanayak, Student Coordinator also spoke. Sangeeta Basu (Student Member, KCBCL, 4th Year) and Aparna Barpanda (Student Member, KCBCL, 3rd Year) were the Rapporteurs for the webinar, which was joined by around 80 participants. 

KIIT Law School Conducts Webinar
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