Knowledge Dialogue Series: Webinar on ‘Cross–Cultural Agility’ at KSOM

KIIT School of Management (KSOM) organized a Knowledge Dialogue Series webinar on “Cross–Cultural Agility”. Delivering the webinar talk, Ms. Natalie Solveig Mikhaylov, Associate Professor, Westminster International University, Tashkent and Head, Management & Marketing Department came up with her own concept of cultural agility, which states that in a group, each individual has his or her own cultural norms and values and that one must learn to tolerate and respect these norms and values in order to prevent conflict and maintain organizational unity. She went on to say how one may acquire cultural competency through connecting with people from other cultures, communicating effectively, building trust, and working well in cross-cultural occupations, tasks, and positions. She asked the participants to share examples of organizations that exercise cultural adaptability at the end of the session.

The session was interactive and included an assessment activity to determine the levels of cultural competency.  MBA – 1 students, Ms. Shatabdi Ghosh and Ms. Annada Kumari Mishra anchored the session. The host for the event was Ms. Tapaswanee Sahoo from MBA -1. Members of Synergy, the HR Club of KSOM, put in great efforts for the event. 

Knowledge Dialogue Series: Webinar On ‘Cross–Cultural Agility’ At KSOM
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